We create short videos

based on presentations…

An efficient and inexpensive format, 

a powerful marketing tool!


Creation of short videos

Out of presentations, we create short videos (1 to 2 minutes) which can be used for:

  • a teaser video on new products or services
  • an invitation to an event
  • a greeting card
  • etc.

We stage your content with the help of a story board which we then transform into a presentation. We then add music or voice over and transform the whole thing into a video which you will then be able to send by email or post on social networks.

This type of format is a particularly efficient marketing tool to get your messages across in a modern, fast and easy to use format, at a much more affordable price than if you had called on a video producing company.

Examples of short videos

Presentation of  The Slide Agency

Seasons greeting from The Slide Agency

Marketing video for the company M&R