We make your presentations

more visual so as to

improve their impact

Presentation makeover


The Slide Agency gives your PowerPoint or Prezi presentation a makeover to make it more visually striking and appealing.

Our designers will work on the following aspects:

  • Ensuring┬áthe story’s continuity
  • Adding or improving visuals
  • Cleaning and harmonization of the format and the background, proposal of a template if necessary
  • Transformation of slides containing bullet lists to enhance readability and so that they reflect your message while keeping the audience’s attention
  • Adding or improving graphics and images
  • Improving the clarity of graphics
  • Adding or improving transitions between slides and animations on the slides themselves

We take into account every detail of your presentation so that your messages can be delivered with clarity and eloquence. Thanks to our makeover, your slides will be professionalized and leave your audience captivated throughout your presentation.